Sixfootfour Studio


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


What do we do?


At Sixfootfour Studio we have the privilege to work with international clients. We have worked in different countries with different cultures and backgrounds.

Sixfootfour is a multidisciplinar Studio, which means we do graphic design, photography and illustration. We are inspired by the Ocean, simplicity and an organic look.


Branding projects, illustration commissions, layout design for catalogues, books and magazines. Graphics for screen, newsletters, ads, website layout designs or product photography.

We are open to collaborations, commissions and exhibitions.


What is Sixfootfour Studio

Sixfootfour Studio was a dream that came true November 2018.

I will never forget my last day at work as a teenager in Estudio Mariscal in Barcelona. When I left that door for the very last time I promised myself I would a graphic designer, and run my graphic design, photography and illustration studio.

The summer after that very first job I moved to Milano. I started my studies at BAU in Barcelona, and got a scholarship to the Nuova Accademia di Belli Arti, in Milano as well. After a wonderful semester at NABA, I got the chance to work for Frank Studio, so my come back to my hometown got postponed.

Moved back to Barcelona to finish my studies. Travel here and a travel there, I started working at Estudi Óbal, specialising in packaging design and photography.

Sixfootfour Studio was born in Indonesia, after me and my beautiful partner (graphic designer as well) left the Australian Continent after almost two years of living and working in Byron Bay. Just as that day I left my first graphic design job, when I left Will and Bear my teenager me said it was time to make that dream come true.